Get Our Agency’s Top Marketing Automation Toolkit That Drives Real Revenue

This comprehensive enhanced marketing automation template pack breaks down how to build automated marketing journeys that have been tested and proven to CONVERT! (6 Journeys, 24 Email Design Templates and 30 Copy & Paste Email Copy Templates)

Simplify your marketing automation strategy and save a ton of time with these proven automated journeys!

You've got better things to do than spend hours learning how to build automated journeys that actually increase revenue from scratch. We have developed, tested, and proven out SIX automated journeys that are sure to increase your monthly revenue. Our comprehensive Marketing Automation Enhanced ToolKit includes an 87 page in-depth eBook, automated journey layouts, over 30 cut and paste email templates, and over 20 email design templates that are proven to CONVERT. This marketing automation enhanced toolkit shows you how to achieve:

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email open rates

Using tested and proven subject lines for all types of businesses

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Better customer segmentation

Knowing which content to send to the right person at the right time.

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Improved Customer Lifetime Value

This Marketing Automation Enhanced ToolKit goes well beyond the first sale.


This proven marketing automation toolkit:

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Goes beyond email marketing

This toolkit incorporates SMS and MMS texts PLUS direct mail opportunities.

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Automatically reacts to customer actions

Marketing automation should be built to anticipate the behavior of customers and create journeys for those actions.

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Establishes A/B tests for higher conversions

Testing content is critical to the success of any journey. This system offers you tested and proven templates.

Marketing Automation Enhanced Toolkit

Inside our Marketing Automation Enhanced Toolkit, you'll get our 87 page eBook, 6 automated journey templates, over 30 cut and paste email copy templates, AND over 20 proven email design templates NOW!

Unpack the 40+ Templates, Read the eBook and Start Creating Killer Automated Journeys in Just Minutes NOT hours!

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Here's what's included in our Marketing Automation Enhanced Toolkit:

The 6 MUST-HAVE automated journeys you need to grow your customer base,  keep your current customers hooked and increase your monthly revenue. PLUS, the exact layout, timing intervals and triggers for each journey.

Our 87 page eBook, "Marketing Automation Enhanced", reveals in great detail each automated journey, statistics from years of research, and real Case Studies proving the power of these 6 automated journeys.

Over 20 email design wireframes that have proven to increase conversions. These templates have been tested and optimized and sent to over 1,000,000 people.

25+ Copy And Paste email copy templates. Each template gives you the exact copy to use in these automated journeys, including tested subject lines, pre-header text, and full email body copy.

The #1 reason why your emails aren’t getting opened from the very start (and what to do about it)

The secret to getting people clicking on your emails like CRAZY every time you run a promotion.

Just Follow Along! Use the automated journey, copy and design templates, and see what our proven system will do for your business month after month.

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This Toolkit is for YOU if you want to:

Stop spending hours trying to come up with automated journeys, email copy and subject lines that convert (and get clicked!)

Launch a Welcome, Abandonded Cart, New Customer, Lead Nurture, Repeat Customer or Winback automated journey that makes a GREAT impression and gets buyers hungry for more...

See exactly what our agency uses to help generate MASSIVE sales for our ecommerce, B2B and brick-and-mortar clients - these exact same automated journeys and templates are yours for the taking!

Learn how easy it is to build engaging automated journeys with emails and SMS texts that can CONVERT like crazy.

FINALLY, stop worrying and stressing about getting marketing automation set up and running for your business.

And it only takes MINUTES (not hours) to build out and organize these automated journeys...
Because we show you exactly what you need for all types of campaigns and promotions!


So just to recap, we're giving you all of our top-performing automated journeys PLUS giving you a TON of Copy & Paste email and design templates that have already been tested so you can use them in your business RIGHT NOW…

The 6 Must-Have Automated Journeys To Increase Your Monthly Revenue ($45.99 Value)

Our 87 page eBook "Marketing Automation Enhanced" ($89.99 Value)

Over 20 email Design Wire Frames that have been sent to over 1,000,000 people ($55.99 Value)

25+ Copy And Paste Email Copy Templates ($125.00 Value)

And you'll get access to our largest case study ever conducted using these 6 automated journeys that helped one client earn over $60,000 of increased revenue in just 5 months

That's $316.97 in Value!

Regularly $175.99

Yours Today for

ONLY $47.99


And yes, you will get all 6 automated journeys, email copy and design templates emailed to you immediately.


If for some CRAZY reason, the journeys you create using our system don’t convert better than your old ones...we'll give you your money back! That’s right. Just show us you built our journeys and emails. If you didn’t see an increase in revenue Month over Month using this system, we will give you a 100% refund!

This stuff simply WORKS!

About MarketingSolvd

MarketingSOLVD is founded on the premise of giving companies an affordable way to engage their current customers in a personalized way. We want to tell brand stories and engage customers with that brand in a way that is relatable to their current needs.

What We Do Best...

Customize automated journeys

Create enhanced targeted segmentation

Deep analytics analysis

Multi-channel communication

Strategy implementation

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You've got questions; we've got answers.

Do I need to have a marketing automation platform before I use this toolkit?

No. Obviously you'll need to get access to a marketing automation platform before you can execute this system. But this system is packed with 15+ years experience and knowledge in the marketing automation industry. You can learn a lot from this system even before you have access to a automation platform.

What industries does this marketing automation toolkit apply to?

You can apply what you learn to in this system to virtually any industry or offer! Ecommerce, B2B, SAAS, Brick & Mortar, Health Care, B2C etc. We give you tons of examples of winning emails and automations that you can emulate for anything you’re selling online or offline. The focus of this system is to enable you to maximize profits from your current potential customers!

Will this System work for In-Person or Service based companies?

Yes 100%, this system shows you how to sell all types of services and products, increase sales from each customer, and re-engage and target customers. Simply from these 6 must have automated marketing journeys.

If I have additional questions, do I have more support?

Yes! We love talking with people just like you. If you have any questions about our Marketing Automation Enhanced System, feel free to email us at and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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This all looks GREAT. But how long will this really take me to set up?

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Are you ready to create the 6 MUST-HAVE automated journeys that will increase your business's revenue month after month in just minutes?


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